Birth Guidance

Upon the clients request it is possible (from 45 days of pregnancy) that the recipient mare stays for the follow up of the pregnancy and the birth process, and this until weaning of the foal.

From 45 days of gestation the pregnant recipient mares are placed on the pasture until the end of summer. Two months before the expected parturition date they are placed in individual pens, and from two weeks before the parturition they are under permanent surveillance. This is done through camera surveillance and foaling alarm (dutch). Once the foal is old enough, the surrogate mother and her foal go together on the pasture.

If desired, clients can bring their mare for the parturition under strictly controlled circumstances to K.I. Hof Ter Leeuwe. It is important to reserve a place in time for the parturition. The pregnant mare should come to our center three weeks before the calculated parturition date.

Birth Guidance
Pension pregnant receptor
Receptor will be vaccinated
      with Duvaxyn EHV1,4 (against virus abort’s) on 5,7 &9 month pregnancy
      with Proteqflu –TE RTU 10 days for the ad term period. (against flu and tetanus)
Vermifugation every three months
Farier three times for the receptor mare and one time for the foal
14 days before the ad term period starts, camera surveillance and Sigloo Foal Alarm
      Pension Receptor mare and foal
      Following up birth process and after foal care
Pension mare with foal
At three and four month’s, foals will be vaccinated against Tetanus and Flu
Microchip and preparation of foal papers
Manipulation of the foal (first three months)
      Receptor mares and their foals will go out in pasture, (3 Horses/Hectare) Watch pricelist
The foal owner is responsible for any insurance desired on the Donor Mare, recipient or foal.
KI Hof Ter Leeuwe does not provide any insurances. Website of Xcellent Horse Insurrance.