Performance lightning that maximises health, growth & performance in horses...

Equilume : Performance lightning that maximises health, growth & performance in horses...

The Equilume Light Mask is an innovative method of providing artificial light to horses – equine blue light therapy. This novel equine biotech head piece provides the optimum level of timed blue light to a single eye to effectively deliver all the benefits associated with long summer days. Scientifically validated and veterinary evaluated, mobile blue light therapy affords owners the benefits of ease of management, and horses the freedom of natural behaviour and improved health and well-being. The Equilume Light Mask permits efficient light management whether horses are indoors, outdoors or on the road, and it ensures early reproductive success and maintenance of coat condition and summer vigour for competition animals.

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  • Horses need light for far more than just vision.The constantly repeating cycles of dawn and dusk synchronise an internal clock system that coordinates all bodily functions to a 24-h (daily) and 365-day (annual) rhythm.
  • Blue light is the most biologically effective light responsible for regulating an animal’s internal rhythms.
  • We have long-known that day lengt influences our horses


  • Equilume light mask successfully stimulates early reproductive activity in the mare
  • Equilume light mask improves foal birth weights
  • Equilume light mask prevents prolonged gestation lengths
  • Equilume light mask advances seasonal moulting


Equilume Performance Lighting helps breeders meet industry-imposed foal birth dates by increasing the hours of light a horse is exposed to daily. It is widely understood that providing longer day-length for approximately 90 days beginning on either fifteenth of November (Northern Hemisphere) or the fifteenth of June (Southern Hemisphere) acts to reduce the production of the hormone melatonin and stimulates the mare’s reproductive system to activate earlier in the year. Therefore, foals of the same official age can be produced that are older in actual age and have a competitive advantage.

Coat Condition

  • The Equilume Light Mask provides timed blue light to mimic a long summer’s day, stimulating seasonal hormones, including prolactin that allow your horse to produce a shiny summer coat and perform with ‘summer vigour’.
  • In less than 6 weeks you could see your horse transform from their furry teddy bear winter state into a sleek and shiny show-ready athlete… and all from the paddock! Fastest results are achieved when horses are blanketed and kept warm. Our mask activation calendar can be used for a more accurate guide as to when to expect to see results after fitting your Equilume mask.

Equilume Belfield
Equilume Belfield (seasonal)
€ 350 ex. BTW
Lifespan: 5 months
Battery type: seasonal
Active hours per fay: 7
Program: 4pm - 11pm
No replacement cup
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Equilume Curragh
Equilume Curragh (replacable)
€ 447 ex. BTW
Lifespan: 4 months per cup
Battery type: replaceble
Active hours per day: 7
Program: 4pm - 11pm
€ 224 replacement cup
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Equilume Cashel
Equilume Cashel (rechargeable)
€ 626 ex. BTW
Lifespan: 18 months per cup
Battery type: rechargeable
Active hours per day: 15
Program: 8am - 11pm
€ 353 replacement cup
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