Semen prelevation of stallions

The prelevation of semen is done by letting the stallion jump on an artificial mare or phantom. Through our more than 20 years of experience with stallions from all over the world, we are able to learn young and inexperienced stallions to jump on the phantom on a correct and safe way. For this purpose we have a specially designed room with anti-slip floor so that the prelevation can proceed safely. If necessary there are always several recipient mares that are in heat, so they can stimulate your stallion.

K.I. Hof Ter Leeuwe is European recognized for prelevation, freezing and storage of equine semen. This means that you can freeze equine semen on K.I. Hof Ter Leeuwe suitable for worldwide export.

Services for the stallion owner
Training prelevation on a phantom from a “ young ( already in hand) stallion
Production chilled semen
Preparation semen for transport in cooling box
Pension Stallion (daily maintenance included) Watch pricelist