Stocking and transport of equine frozen semen

If desired the frozen semen can be stocked at K.I. Hof Ter Leeuwe. Because our freezing center is European recognised, the semen will always keep its international statute.

The semen is collected, processed and stored in the HTL-semen collector centre, which is an Approved European Centre, licence no. BN 96/05
Licence for "semen production for European Community and for International business" (BN 96/05)
Licence for artificial insemination (BN 96/05)
License for embryo transfers (BN00/02)
The semen will be accompanied by an official export health certificate, issued by the veterinary supervising authority.(FAFF)
    Semen produced before 01/09/2010 Cert. B. 3.7.1.
    Semen produced before 01/09/2010 Cert. A. 3.5.3.
The straws are marked in a permanent manner with the following information printed on them:
    the date of collection of the semen
    the registered name and number of the stallion
    Our identity, the approved semen production centre : HTL-Belg.BN9605
If the semen 's destination is out of Europe : the importer will send us the original import permit, delivered by the ministry of agriculture of the importer's country.
Transport in Belgium
Preparation, rent Cryodrum
Transport in Europe
Semen will be transported in a sealed container:
    Or in your container that you send us
    Or in a new container that we sell you
    Traces document signed by FAVV / stallion inc. preperation
Transport out of Europe
Semen will be transported in a sealed container:
    Or in your container that you send us. (Be sure you send your container as a temporary import to avoid customs freights)
    Or in a new MVE Vapor Shipper that you directly command and payed at MVE-chart UK . They deliver this container straight to us accompanied with an invoice on your name (we need this invoice for the customs
Please contact MVE-chart UK at:
Chart Biomedical Ltd. Phone: +44 (0) 1344 403101
Unit 2, Maxdata Centre Fax: +44 (0) 1344 429224
Downmill Road Email:
RG12 1QS Bracknell, UK Web:
Determine the total cost of the order
Number of doses per stallion x price per dose
Add 50 € per stallion, for the Handling Europe,100 €(out of Europe)
Sealing the container is €50 per stallion / Health certificate
Delivery by FedEx
Contact us for an exact quote
To make you a quote we need:
delivery and invoice address
Name of the stallion, number of straws
Type of container
Contact us:
The information concerning MVE Vapor shippers
Depending the quantity of straws you want to import and the place were the shipper has to delivered we can advise you a choice of MVE Shipper
Cryo Shipper MVE Vapor Shipper