Reproduction of
mares and stallions

From collection, freezing and transportation of stallion semen. To insemination, embryo flushing, ovum pick up (OPU), embryo transfer, birth guidance in mares. We find the right approach for every horse.

Our team of experts makes every effort to ensure the best results for your mare or stallion.

Court ter Leeuwe trial photoCourt ter Leeuwe trial photo


During the reproductive season (approximately from March to October), mares are in heat for an average of 5 days every 3 weeks. Before a mare has a healthy foal, a lot of expertise, gynecology and horsemanship is involved. Hof Ter Leeuwe's experienced team will assist you with a customized approach.

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At Hof Ter Leeuwe, all facilities are available allowing us to offer the full range. With extensive clinical expertise, experienced team and proven results, we always map out the right approach for your stallion. Discover below our stallion reproduction services.

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