Freezing embryo

Reasons for freezing embryos include the preservation of genetics, global import or export, the storage of embryos for transplantation at a later date or the possibility of working with a carrier mare.

We use a variety of freezing methods:

  • Embryo < 300 micron: conventionele methode van slow freezing
  • Embryo > 300 micron en < 600 micron: vitrificatie
  • Embryo > 600 micron en < 1200 micron: collapsing en vitrificatie
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Good to know

You may choose to flush the donor mare on day 6 or 7 instead of day 8 to prevent the embryo from being too large for freezing.

Gestation results after transplanting frozen embryos are lower than after transplanting fresh embryos: expect gestation rates of 60-70%.

We have the necessary knowledge for transplanting ICSI embryos even if they were not produced by us. When transferring ICSI embryos, a gestation rate of 75% at 14 days gestation can be expected.

Before our veterinarians perform any procedures on your horse, you must have read and signed the health declaration and framework agreement below for approval.