Birth Guidance

We are happy to relieve you of the intensive birth guidance that a mare requires before and after birth. The pregnant mare comes in to us 4 weeks before the anticipated delivery. She then receives a booster vaccination, additional deworming and increased feeding.

From 14 days before delivery, we place the mare in an individual box and she comes under permanent surveillance. This is done with camera surveillance and a birth alarm.

The delivery takes place under strictly controlled conditions. For optimal development, the mare and foal go outside daily from the first day after birth. After a smooth delivery, the mare and her foal can go home after a few days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Good to know

Reserve a place for birth guidance in a timely manner. The pregnant mare should be brought in at least three weeks before the counted-out delivery date.

Before our veterinarians perform any procedures on your horse, you must have read and signed the health declaration and framework agreement below for approval.